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Warframe - All Cinematic Cutscenes So Far (2016) [HD]

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[S P O I L E R - W A R N I N G]
All cinematic cutscenes from Vor's Prize, The Second Dream, and The War Within
Recorded with Bandicam on the PC version.

This only includes dialogue from the cinematic scenes, not the dialogue from the gameplay sections.

Q: Is Excalibur female?
A: No, does he look female to you? Warframes and Tenno/operators are separate beings.

Q: Do you HAVE to be a girl?
A: No, why would you assume that? Better question; why are you spoiling the story before playing? You can choose your Tenno/operator's gender after you complete The Second Dream quest and change it at any time.

Q: Why a female Tenno with a default Excalibur?
A: This was done to not risk ruining anyone's immersion with any of my "fashion frames"
Canonically the main Tenno is female and Excalibur is the poster boy.

Q:Are you going to add the newer cutscenes?
A: Yes, in due time. Once all the required quests are released and made replayable (Chimera Prologue still isn't replayable. Come on, DE!) it will be a bit before I get around to recording, rendering, and uploading everything.
The next cutscene compilation with have Vor's Prize, The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow, Apostasy Prologue, The Sacrifice, Chimera Prologue, Fortuna, and The New War.